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Swansea University Bucket Hat - Reversible

Swansea University Bucket Hat - Reversible

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The bucket hat has cemented itself as a timeless accessory, popular with sports fans, fashion followers, and everyone in between 😎 If you get bored of the colour (or wear it out on a particularly messy night), don't panic - they're fully reversible! And of course, they feature a white label with the Swansea University branding on the front 🙌


  • OFFICIAL Swansea University merch 🦢
  • 100% cotton
  • Reversible
  • Swansea University branding
  • Choice of colours available

Wear to a Swansea Uni FC fixture, a relaxing beach day, or down the pub - the classic bucket hat can do it all 🪣🤠

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