Be our Valentine? 💘

Be our Valentine? 💘

As February rolls in, we're not just celebrating Valentine's Day- we're also all about spreading the love of friendship on Galentine’s Day! And for all you singletons out there, treat yourself!

Whether you're planning a heart-to-heart with your loved ones, your besties or even cosying up with your textbooks, why not do it in style? Our uni merch shop has curated the perfect blend of love and friendship with outfits that scream comfort and chic.

What else can you do on Valentine's Day?

💆‍♀️Create your own little at-home pamper session

  • You can take a long, warm bubble bath.
  • Get a nice, hydrating face mask.
  • You can even just sleep in (in the comfort of our very own Fulton Outfitters collections of course😉).

🎥 Host a little movie night

  • Be it scary thrillers or soppy rom coms, stay up all night watching your favourite films.
  • Create the ultimate movie experience with cosy pillows, soft blankets, and warm popcorn.

🛍️ Go on a shopping spree

  • Some retail therapy is always a must- and where better than Fulton Outfitters 😉
  • Pop over to buy some groceries and cook your very own five-star meal (with something sweet of course)!


Cheers to love, laughs, and looking absolutely fabulous together!



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