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Budget-Friendly Fashion Tips💡

We get it - you want to look good but you're on a student budget. Fear not - we've put together some tips and tricks on how to make the most of what you've got.

Quick Fixes

Does your favourite jacket have a loose button threatening to let go and make its own way in the world? Put a stop to that by dabbing a little bit of clear nail varnish over the thread. Sorted.

If you find that your favourite pair of tights or stockings have a ladder (we all have a favourite pair), either a little touch of nail varnish or a quick spritz of hair spray will stop the ladder growing.

It can be really frustrating when you're in a rush to get out but your coat zipper is stuck. Don't force it, you could end up with the dreaded, useless One Side Zip. Instead, try applying some lip balm or even rubbing a wax crayon (be sure to use the same colour as your zip). Should do the trick.

Pet hair even though you don't have a cat or dog? It happens. If you don't have a lint roller (understandable seeing as you don't have any pets), use Sellotape to pull up the hair.

Nice new patent leather shoes suddenly somehow scuffed? Grab your Vaseline or equivalent brand of petroleum jelly and give them a good old rub with a little bit of jelly.

Stain Removal

Oil be damned - seriously, don't let oil stains spell the end of a garment. You have two options to get this sorted - rub in some regular dish washing soap, or try some baby powder to draw the stubborn stain out.

Sick of grass stains on your sports clothes? Give them a good seeing to with a vinegar and dish soap mixture. Chuck it in the wash after 10 minutes, and it'll be 1-0 to you.

Art students, we've got you. As versatile and as popular as it is, acrylic paint can be a total nightmare to remove from clothing. Try this - a bit of rubbing alcohol and a good scrub. Should sort it right out.

If you've got an annoying makeup stain on your collar, spray some shaving foam on the offending area before you pop the clothing in the wash.

We all know that a little bit of white wine can fix a fresh red wine spill. But did you know that you can also use soda water or even salt? Very useful when all the bottle of white wine is ... somehow empty.

Styling and Accessorising

Have you got an old dress that you never wear, but for whatever reason you just can't part with? I know I do. Why not consider upcycling it into a cute "new" two-piece? You can mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe too.

If you're getting bored with your wardrobe and want to refresh your style, introduce bold colours and prints. You can get fabric dye and easily update old, faded or tired clothes with a new pop of colour. 

Accessorise! The easiest way to add some personality to an outfit is to add some extra bits and pieces. Jewellery, hair accessories, scarves - you decide. You can even switch it up, for example using a scarf as a hair tie or belt. Adding these little details is a fun and easy way to express yourself.

Go Vintage. The vintage clothing market is absolutely huge at the moment and you can get some gorgeous pieces at a good price if you look in the right place. At Swansea, we have lots of vintage shops and also have a Vintage Kilo Sale a few times a year - you can pick up a real bargain there. Apps like Vinted are also a brilliant place to get second-hand branded or vintage clothing at a fraction of the original price. Don't forget to check out some charity shops too, they are an even better budget-friendly choice for second-hand fashion. Choosing second-hand also helps the environment as you aren't contributing to fast fashion - a win-win in our books!

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