Five staple items for your winter wardrobe

Five staple items for your winter wardrobe

By Rhianydd Sword.

With the winter season fast approaching it may seem that our wardrobes have to change drastically. Gone are the shorts and vests of the summer, and instead we say hello to chunky knit jumpers and trousers. Whilst such a change in wardrobe may initially scream extra clothes and added expenses, I’m here to say that you only really need five items to get you through winter and most of them you might already have.

Item one: Something warm. This may come in the form of a jumper or you might prefer a hooded sweatshirt or even a warm coat. Having something warm in your wardrobe at winter is a must, when the days get darker and the nights get colder that extra bit of comfort makes a big difference. It’s also an item that you’re likely to already have so you don’t need to worry about any excessive expenses. However, if you do need to buy something warm there are plenty of places that you can pick up a jumper or a hooded sweatshirt without breaking the bank (perhaps Fulton Outfitters)!

Item two: Something dressy. With the winter, for some this also means Christmas. Such a holiday typically means many celebrations, and whilst these may look different this year due to current COVID restrictions, you still might find yourself looking in your wardrobe for that one item that just makes your outfit that little bit fancier. Something dressy really means anything, it could be a dress, a shirt or a sparkly top. It’s about interpreting the theme for yourself and feeling the most comfortable. Similarly, to something warm it’s likely that you already have something dressy in your wardrobe, so you won’t need to head to the shops with your money in your hand. For those think that they need lots of different outfits for various events, this isn’t the case, you just need one item. It’s about accessorising your clothes in different ways and getting different looks with just one item.

Item three: Something with layers. Winter really does mean cold days and it’s important to stay warm so that you don’t get any seasonal colds. I’d always recommend layering your clothes so that you feel toasty. This can be as simple as wearing a vest under your top or pairing a long-sleeved item with a short sleeved one. The good thing is you can use anything to layer, so you don’t need to go out and spend cash on added clothes. I know I always have vests and plain tops hidden at the back of my wardrobe which are items that are perfect for this season!

Item four: Something for your feet.  When the last few months of the year appear so does the rain, ice and frost. It’s becomes vital that we wear something sturdy on our feet so we can put one foot in front of the other without slipping on ice. Personally, I’d always say a good pair of boots does the trick, they’re fashionable and robust so you really do get the best of both worlds.

Item five: Something extra. Accessories can become a bit of a staple during the November and December months. A warm scarf or pair of gloves will give you that extra comfort and heat that you might just need. Accessories are particularly useful when you’re arriving at someplace warm, but you have to brace the cold first for you can use them and then take them off at leisure.Similarly, to all of the items above, it might be that you’ve already got the perfect winter accessories at home. If not, there are plenty of places where you can pick up a thick scarf, gloves or a hat for next to nothing.

Whilst changes in weather can mean changes in wardrobe, I hope that these five items show that this doesn’t mean a money spending visit to the shops. Instead, it’s about seeing what you do have and reorganising outfits. However, if you do need to use a little bit of cash, don’t worry for new items can come at cheap costs.

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